Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Robin Hood post

Hello everyone! I'd like you to say hello to Under the Hood's new mascot, an action figure of Connor Hawke that I bough loose at my comic store for two bucks. I call him Gary. Click on Gary for the new review, but first, read below!

I'm feeling optimistic about my ability to stay on schedule, so I figured I'd let you know what's in the months to come. Don't forget, I am in grad school, and that can take over my life at any moment. But if I'm able to stick to my schedule, you'll have these to look forward to, plus some bonuses:


Under The Hood: The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men
Side Project: Jeeves
Stupid, Stupid Wizards: Lawyers, Guns, and Money
Downdates: Gilligan's Island


UTH: Beyond Sherwood Forest
SP: Mac MacKenzie, Weevil Navarro, and Wallace Fennel
SSW: Harry Potter
DD: Kolchak


UTH: 2006 BBC Series, Season 2
SP: Marcie
SSW: Voldemort, part 2
DD: The West Wing

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