Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey, a thing!

Hi! My name is Brian! Hi! I have some blogs! I figured I'd start this one as an easy place to direct people to see my writing, and for anyone who likes my writing at all to have easy access to it all, and for anything I feel like writing that doesn't fit into one of my existing blogs. Every subsequent update will be linked to here, which I guess is more work for me, but it somehow doesn't feel like it. So, without further ado... The Blogroll...

Under The Hood - Where I write about the different interpretations of the Robin Hood legend in movies, television, and literature. Mostly by making fun of their haircuts. DID YOU KNOW: Marian and Tuck were added in the 16th century. Think about that the next time you moan about some adaptation taking liberties with the legend.

Bah Humblog - Where adaptations of "A Christmas Carol", Charles Dickens shortest and therefore best work are examined and mocked. For the record, the best version is Patrick Stewart's audiobook, which cuts about a third of the text, and only leaves the really good bits. DID YOU KNOW: In the book, rather than seeing Tiny Tim's empty chair or his grave, like in every adaptation, Scrooge sees Tim's dead body lying on his bed, with Cratchit crying over it. That's some DARK shit.

Buffy: The Haikus - I started this one when I bought the complete Buffy on DVD in July of 2008. The intent is to write two or three haikus - or rather the bastardized version of haiku we all learned in second grade - about each episode. DID YOU KNOW: I haven't watched an episode of Buffy since August of 2008. It'll happen!

Stupid, Stupid Wizards! - Ye cripes, the world of Harry Potter is inhabited by morons. Time for me to sit in judgement of them. And not the kind of judgment offered by the wizards, where hearsay and conjecture are equal to evidence, and the defendant is not allowed to speak on his own behalf. DID YOU KNOW: Arthur Weasley's whole job is studying nonmagical people, yet he's not sure how stamps work?

Side Project - Man, sidekicks get a raw deal. Always being ignored, looked down on, mocked, and if there's a need for some cheap drama, beaten with a crowbar and then exploded. Can we show them some love, please? DID YOU KNOW: The second Robin of the Batman comics was beaten with a crowbar and exploded... Because that was the result of a call-in vote. Everyone involved thinks this was a Terrible Idea.

Downdates: Time Travel TV - I think the last thing the world needed was a movie version of McHale's Navy updated to modern times. Especially with Tom Arnold in it. But what if instead of being updated, it was... downdated? What if instead of protecting an island in the Pacific theatre of World War Two, McHale and his crew worked for the East India company, patrolling the sea around Tortuga at the beck and call of the comically corrupt Governor Binghamton? Then it suddenly becomes clever and original, and I make lots of money. Just think of this blog as an extended pitch meeting. DID YOU KNOW: McHale's Navy, a wacky sitcom, was based on an extremely dramatic TV movie. This is why Ernest Borgnine was in it. DID YOU KNOW 2: The film "Dragnet", while being an unnecessary and horrible update, has one insanely redeeming feature in that Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd do an in-character rap over the end credits. SOMEONE THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA.

Anyway, entries on the new blogs will be coming shortly, but first, a new Robin Hood...

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