Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello, Sarcastic Voyage fans!

Welcome to the blogroll, anyone who came here after hearing my guest spot on The Sarcastic Voyage Podcast. It's all pretty clearly laid out. The first ever post can be easily reached, and will give you a notion of what I'm all about. Yes, I know some of the blogs are light on content now, but in the coming months, I will be embarking on a regular update schedule. Or not. Mind you, I am a grad student, and free time tends to equal naptime. But I have a half-finished Downdate to be put up soon, and two-and-a-half complete Christmas Carol blogs I'll begin posting as soon as it's a reasonable Christmas season. Which is not now, no matter what the radio at Wendy's says.

There's also to be some content posts on this very blog. Just stuff that I think of here and there that doesn't fit into any of my categories.

So welcome, and if you like what you see, stick around. It's gonna be splendid.


  1. Hey, not to nitpick or anything, but perhaps you could fix that link to the show? It doesn't go anywhere.

  2. Oh, snaps. Yesh, if you forget to put in the http colon slash slash part, the link comes out wonky. Fixin' it now.